Air Travel Data | Summer 2022 ✈️
What does the air travel data summer 2022 suggest?

While summer officially began merely 17 days ago, summer travel kicked off nearly a month before.  After six weeks into the heavy travel season, interesting data is telling us a lot about how the lingering pandemic and inflation are effecting travel.  Moreover, travel is a key predictor in economic growth or slowdown.  We compiled TSA air travel data since the start of Memorial Day weekend to today and charted it year-over-year to give you a visual representation of how summer travel is going so far this year.

What does the data say?
  1. 15.2-million more people traveled during the 6-weeks ending 7/8/2022 than the same period in 2021.  19%
  2. An average of 354k people traveled per day, year-over-year.
  3. 11.8-million less people traveled during the same period in 2019. 11%
  4. The first week of July has lower growth year-over-year (12%) than the previous five-weeks (20%)

More Data
Domestic leisure travel
spending for the year has already surpassed pre-pandemic levels, even when adjusted for inflation—though it is projected to remain $46 billion below where it should have been in 2022 if not for the pandemic.

Domestic business travel is finally picking up and volume is expected to reach 81% of pre-pandemic levels in 2022 and 96% in 2023. Nevertheless, spending, when adjusted for inflation, will not fully recover to pre-pandemic levels within the range of the forecast.

International inbound travel is making a big comeback, aided by the recent drop of pre-departure testing. It is projected to grow rapidly through the rest of 2022, and then grow at a slower pace in 2023-2026. A full recovery to pre-pandemic levels (volume and spending) is not expected until 2025.

TSA air travel data

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